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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Broadway Avenue Unitarian Church destroyed in evening blaze in Bradford

Fire crews remain at the scene of the earlier fire at the Broadway Unitarian Church

Crews were sent at around 17:20 hours this evening and found the building well alight on arrival. The incident was made 5 pumps and an aerial appliance. The fire was so well developed that crews were not able to enter the property but had to tackle the flames from outside. Supporting appliances from the Bradford district were drafted in. 

Crews used four Large jets and an aerial appliance jet with some crews wearing Breathing apparatus. Local residents gathered to watch the incident unfold, with local roads being closed to traffic as water supplies were brought onto the fireground

Crews from Bradford, Shipley, Fairweather Green, Stanningley, Odsal, Mirfield (Hose Layer) attended with supporting officers. The building appears to be in an unstable condition following the fire. Utility services attended to secure the site and local residents were asked to remain indoors due to possible asbestos in the smoke. 

The fire was under control within an hour but crews still remain damping down hotspots. At this stage the cause of the fire is unknown.

More to follow when update available

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Early morning 15 pump blaze second at same location in Bradford

Fire crews were called at 03:38 hours this morning (19/12/2017) to a building fire on Rebecca Street in Bradford. Crews from Fairweather Green, Bradford and Odsal were confronted with a massive fire in a building of four floors. 

The fire is believed to have started in the basement where tyres were stored and the fire quickly spread to all floors of the property. An open yard at the side of the premises was also used to store tyres. Water was brought in from hydrants around the White Abbey road, Sunbridge road and City road areas.

Firefighters used 6 Large jets, 6 Breathing apparatus sets, and an aerial monitor to contain the blaze. The building a former mill premises measured approximately 50m x 75m. There was exposure risk to one side of the affected property but this was saved.  

The mill which had been refurbished earlier this year was occupied by  two companies, YA & Company Solicitors and a Tyre company.

This mornings fire occurred just over 24 hours after tyres in the compound on Rebecca street were set alight. Firefighters from Bradford station were called at 2am on Monday to the compound in Rebecca Street where a mixture of plant machine tyres and car tyres were on fire. 
Watch commander, Simon Moore, said eight firefighters spent around two hours bringing the blaze under control and managed to prevent the flames spreading to a nearby firm of solicitors on that occasion.

Area Manager Kirby from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service added: “The economic impact of a serious fire on businesses is significant and it is rare that a business re-opens following a serious fire. 

“Sadly the section of the mill that has been heavily involved in fire is badly damaged but due to the swift actions of crews we have managed to save a large proportion of the building and reduce the detrimental economic impact this fire could have had.”

Crews have spent most of the day damping down at the scene with 3 pumps still remaining at the fire this lunchtime. 

It has been confirmed that both fires appear to be of doubtful origin and investigations by both police and fire service are continuing. No persons have been injured at the incident.
Appliances from Bradford, Fairweather Green, Shipley, Bingley, Illingworth, Cookridge, Rawdon, Odsal, Otley, Stanningley, Leeds, Featherstone, Halifax, Cleckheaton and further supporting appliances and officers.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Six Pump Building Fire in Bradford closes Rail Lines

Smoke once again seen across the city as a fire developed at Mangla Motors on Edward Street, Bradford. Initial attending crews from Bradford required assistance as the garage premise had become 100% involved in fire. 

This building fire became a MP x 6 incident and the Logistics Support Vehicle from Odsal also attended.

To assist with traffic management Police closed off nearby roads as fire crews continued to tackle the blaze. All persons were accounted for at the garage.

Firefighters used 3 Large jets, 2 Ground monitors and 4 Breathing apparatus sets. This was a single storey garage measuring about 20m x 40m in size. The area was cordoned off and during the fire gas cylinders could be heard gassing off within the building. Nearby property's were evacuated  

This was a very severe fire and contained to the site of origin. Parts to the rear of the building collapsed onto the railway lines to Exchange Station causing delays and train disruption. 

Fire investigation teams have examined the site and it is thought that today's fire was caused by accidental ignition of petrol vapors within the garage workshop.

The building is at present undergoing demolition.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Warehouse fire contained by firefighters in Bradford overnight.

This was the scene on Bolling road, Bradford last night as fire crews from the brigade area tackled the fire at Broomfield House, the premises of Simba Smoby Toys. The call was raised at approx. 9:30pm with smoke seen rising from the roof area as the fire inside raged. 

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were deployed to tackle the fire internally. This was a large building measuring approx. 50m x 40m in size, of single storey construction and involved high racking within the warehouse. Local roads were closed off by the police to allow for the firefighting crews to contain the blaze. As a precaution a Public Safety Advice message was released on Twitter by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for the surrounding area.

The Incident was made up to 10 pumps with 2 aerial appliances being used at the scene one having traveled from Leeds. 
Firefighters used 3 Large jets, 1 Hosereel jet, 8 Breathing apparatus, 1 jet from Aerial Ladder Platform and CARP appliance and Positive Pressure Ventilation fans (PPV).

Appliances from Bradford(2), Shipley, Illingworth, Fairweather Green, Odsal, Rastrick, Cleckheaton, Dewsbury, Hunslet, Killingbeck, Leeds (ALP), Mirfield (HL), Featherstone (CU), Moortown with supporting officers are some of the vehicles recorded to have attended.

The building was fitted with a sprinkler system which had been activated along with the fire alarm that could be heard.

Crews remaining in attendance this morning with 2 appliances damping down and making up equipment from the incident. A fire investigation has started to establish the cause.

The crews are supplied with refreshments from the welfare unit which attended the incident.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Fire at Autocare, Garnett street, Bradford, surrounding properties saved during serious blaze

Fire Investigation are trying to find the cause of the MP x 6 during the early hours of today in Garnett Street, Bradford. The alarm was raised at around 2am this morning at the premises of the Autocare Tyre Centre. 

Bradford crews were first to arrive where the building had been well alight. The Incident was made up to 6 pumps and the CARP was used for an aerial attack on the fire. In total 8 Large jets, Carp jet, and 4 Breathing apparatus sets were used. 

There were exposure risks to 3 sides of the building on fire and crews used covering jets to successfully prevent fire spread to these properties. 

Appliances from Bradford (2), Odsal, Shipley, Rawdon, Cleckheaton, Otley (Hose Layer), Fairweather Green, Bingley and Hemsworth along with supporting officers attended.

Crews used an adjoining flat roof to enable jets to be played on the fire

A command point was set up using the Command Unit Lite from Fairweather Green at the top of Harris street. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

Thursday 15th June 2017

A1(m) at Ferrybridge fire crews responded to an incident involving an HGV and trailer carrying 20 tonnes of baled paper or cardboard. The fire occurred after the vehicle struck the nearside barriers on the southbound carriageway at around 5:35pm, coming to rest on the hard shoulder.

Crews used 2 Large jets with water supplied from a nearby hydrant, 4 pumps attended from Castleford, Pontefract, Normanton and Cleckheaton along with a senior advisor.

The motorway was closed for a time whilst the incident was dealt with causing delays on surrounding routes.

There has been no indication as to there being any casualties at the incident, however the Yorkshire Air Ambulance did attend the scene.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Police and Fire investigating Suspicious House Fire overnight

Fire and Police were called to an empty house fire at an end terrace property on Clipstone Street, West Bowling, Bradford at around 02:30 hrs this morning. The fire of doubtful origin is under investigation as this house had been empty for sometime and was due to go to auction next month. 

Crews from Bradford and Odsal stations attended and used 1 Large jet, 1 Hosereel, four Breathing apparatus and the aerial appliance to deal with the incident. The fire spread to the joining property where its occupier had to be treated for smoke inhalation. Police and fire investigation officers are at the scene this morning continuing their enquiries. Crews will be also hot striking in the local area today checking local homes for smoke alarms and fitting them where required.

Bradford's Combined Aerial Rescue Pump was on scene as one of the initial attending appliances, this was used to extinguish the roof fire of the property

If anyone saw anything suspicious before the fire at around 02:30 they are asked to contact Police on 101 with any information about the fire.