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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Leeds Building fire within flooded area hampers crews.

The main problems were on Kirkstall Road, Leeds where a number of businesses were flooded, and around The Calls in the city centre. With water levels rising across West Yorkshire, by the time the River Aire burst its banks in the late afternoon, contingency plans had already been taken in Leeds.

Ten extra rescue boats had been summoned from other fire and rescue services, along with an additional 50 personnel to join the 50 already deployed by the West Yorkshire brigade.

ACO Walton, who oversaw rescue efforts, said: “It’s what I would describe as an extraordinary and unprecedented level of demand, the likes of which we have not seen for many years.”

This along with a building fire within the flooded areas of Kirkstall road causing problems due to difficult access. Five pumps attended the incident along with a Logistics support unit from Odsal.
The fire was in a vehicle workshop with 2 cars alight inside the building. All this unfolded as images were being taken of the flooded area around Kirkstall viaduct near Willow Road.

Kirkstall rd fire and flood 1

Fire crews had to wear dry suits to access the incident due to the flood water. From over the road you could hear the crews trying to gain access to the buildings and check for the fire. Burglar alarms could be heard as each new property was accessed. Crews used 1 small jet and 1 Large jet to deal with the fire. Appliances from Leeds, Hunslet, Odsal, Huddersfield, Fairweather Green and Cookridge attended. 

Kirkstall rd fire and flood 2

Smoke could be seen coming from the roof of the building, which took around 2 Hours to extinguish

Kirkstall rd fire and flood 3

Many strange items passed by as the flooded river Aire collected various items along it's way. A three seater sofa, Wheelie bins, Garden sheds, rubbish sacks and finally three men in a boat. These were students floating by in an inflatable, bystanders cheered as the craft went passed. There was a strong smell of diesel fuel as the Shell petrol station had also been flooded.

Kirkstall rd fire and flood 4

This image shows an overview of the location with the building 
(Volvo workshops) fire and the flooded are surrounding the scene.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Barge floats downstream with Firefighter on board during Elland Floods

Severe flooding has been caused in Elland with rescues being carried out by the Fire and Police services. The river Calder swept across into the Calder and Hebble canal which in turn flooded Park road in Elland trapping home owners as the flood waters increased in depth. A van was swept from a car park ending up in the middle of the fast running water. 


A fire crew from Cleckheaton attempted to secure a couple of barges that were on the canal and were coming loose from their moorings. One of the barges was occupied and during the process came loose from its moorings with a member of fire crew aboard.

Elland Barge RESCUE FF

Both barges flowed down stream and fire crews were able to secure the occupied barge lower down with the help of ropes.. The owner although spoken to by the fire service and Police decided to stay put on board and not leave his half stricken vessel. 

Elland Barge RESCUE

At the Lower end of Park road at Elland Bridge fire crews maintained a presence and 2 rescue boats were brought in to assist in the rescues. Some occupiers wished to remain in there homes, and refused rescue. 

Elland Bottom 1

Elland Flooding 1 2

Crowds of people watched from Elland Bridge as the water continued to deluge across the area. Many people could not believe the damage that it has caused, Car parks and businesses were also flooded out but and beyond saving.

Elland Flooding 1 car park

Water levels are reducing at present around the Elland area but with still more rain forecast along with high winds this could be only a temporary time of reprieve for the areas affected today.

Video from the Boat Rescue

Elland Flooding 1

Picture special as flooding hits Yorkshire Calder valley

Friday, 4 December 2015

Latest !! Arson Suspected after Male rescued from fire in Bradford former Nightclub

The Incident has been confirmed,  after fire investigations,  that the fire was started through deliberate ignition at the site,  after fire crews were called just before 05:30 hrs this morning (04/12/2015) to a report of smoke and a possible building fire at the old Mode Nightclub at the bottom of Great Horton road, to the rear of the Alhambra Theater in Morley Street., Bradford.

Mode 1 Morley street
Front of the Mode Nightclub
This incident was made up to 8 Pumps as persons had been reported inside the smoke logged property. Crews entered the building using Breathing apparatus sets and Hosereels to search the property for any persons that might be inside. 

Area where the male was located at the rear of the property
One male was located in the property who had been sleeping rough inside. The man was led to safety by fire crews and did not require any medical attention.

Mode 1 Morley street BA crews

This image shows a Breathing apparatus crew with a Hosereel and thermal image camera preparing to enter the building through a side entrance on the ground floor. All persons have now been accounted for and the incident scaled down.

The building was a mixture of floor levels ranging from 1 to 4 floors and crews had to force entry on various levels to check for the seat of fire. Crews used a total of 1 Large jet, 2 Hosereel jets, 20 Breathing apparatus and Positive Pressure Ventilation fans.

Appliances from Bradford (2), Odsal (1) Fairweather Green(1 and Command Unit), Idle (1), Shipley (1), Cleckheaton (1), Stanningley (1 and Hoselayer), Illingworth (1), Cookridge (1 and welfare Unit), Rawdon(1), Pontefract (1) and Castleford (1) attended.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Two taken to Hospital after Bradford High Rise Flat Fire

Flat fire Underwood house 1

This was the scene during the early hours of this morning in Otley road, Bradford. Fire crews had been alerted at around 04:00 am today to a flat fire on the 4th floor of Underwood House, a block of high rise flats in the city.

A fire was discovered in the bedroom of the flat and extinguished by crews using 2 Breathing apparatus, 1 Hosereel jet and Positive Pressure Ventilation Fans. There was smoke which entered other flats and 3 female casualties had to be treated for smoke inhalation. 

Yorkshire ambulance service crews also attended to deal with 2 of the casualties who were later taken to hospital for precautionary check ups.

Four pumps attended from Bradford (2), Idle (1) and Odsal (1) stations,  along with the Aerial appliance from Leeds. 

Flat fire Underwood house 31

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Ten Pumps Attend Building Fire, Squire Lane, Bradford

Squire Lane Building Fire 1

Fire crews were alerted just before 8:00 pm to the fire by ambulance crews who reported flames could be seen from the building in Squire lane near its junction with Duckworth Lane. 

The building, on Squire Lane  was formerly a feeder primary school for the grammar school, but  is now in the hands of a developer who is in the process of converting the building into housing.

Squire Lane Building Fire 2

The building described as having 3 floors and a basement was well alight when the first crews arrived from Bradford. The Police were at the scene controlling the traffic and Squire lane was eventually closed. Duckworth lane was closed to traffic and diversions put in place.

The fire was brought under control quickly with crews from 10 pumps and supporting appliances using 7 Large jets and numerous breathing apparatus sets. 

Flames did not spread to any part of the grammar school.

Squire Lane Building Fire 1a

Appliances from Bradford (2), Fairweather Green (Pump Command Unit and Welfare Unit), Rawdon (1), Bingley (1), Odsal (1), Idle (1), Shipley (1), Illingworth (1) and Cleckheaton (1) attended with support crews from Mirfield, Pontefract (Pump and Command Unit), Dewsbury (1), 
Cookridge (1) and Stanningley( Hose Layer) . Specialist officers also attended.

Damping down is continuing at the site

More Fire Station closures for West Yorkshire

Cookridge Fire Station

Cookridge fire station is earmarked to shut along with the station at Moortown, to be replaced by a single base that has yet to be built in Weetwood.

The closures are part of an overhaul of fire service provision in Leeds, which includes several station closures and the loss of a number of fire appliances.

Paul Drinkwater, a firefighter of 22 years based at Moortown and West Yorkshire Fire Brigades Union chairman, has started a ‘Save Moortown Fire Station’ campaign on Facebook which has won support from nearly 800 people so far. He said: “If we reduce the provision and increase the length of time to get to incidents, inevitably it will lead to more fire deaths.

Deputy chief fire officer Steve Beckley said the planned cuts were a result of reductions in government funding and a significant fall in the number of deaths and injuries in fires.

He said they will eventually result in the closure of 16 stations and the construction of eight new stations “to provide optimum emergency cover, focusing on areas of highest risk”.

Stock Fire scene Image

Mr Beckley said: “In the last 12 months new fire stations have opened in South Kirby, Rastrick, Rothwell, Dewsbury and Killingbeck, with more planned for Ossett, Shipley and finally, Weetwood. 

Negotiations have been under way for some time with a land owner to procure a suitable site in Weetwood and we hope to commence construction of the new fire station in the next 12 to 18 months.”