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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Update with Video !! Wakefield Bakery fire, Second Major Blaze within hours for West Yorkshire.

The second major blaze for West Yorkshire followed at 4:15 pm today this time in the Wakefield station area. There seems to be some discrepancy as to how many appliances were called for but it's believed to be a MP x 15 and 2 aerial appliances. Once again the fire could be seen for over 20 miles away as the fire took hold of the Rathbones Bakery, part of the Morrison's group on the Wakefield 41 Industrial estate on the edge of the city. 

Video Link:   Aerial footage of the 15 pump fire at Morrison's Wakefield

Eye witnesses described the mass panic as lorry trailers were removed from loading bay areas, some alight from the internal fire. Bread trays lay strewn where they had fallen from the lorry trailers. During the early stages burning ash was seen coming down on roadways and properties around the main site. 

The Open yard area

From the viewpoint I had it seemed like this was a defensive operation with jets being used from outside the building. The roof of the building could be heard collapsing in, with this firefighter nearly missed by falling debris.

The main structure of the building was obviously crumbling from the intense heat with internal walls buckling and the exterior brickwork crumbling.

Bradford's CARP appliance attended to assist extinguishing hard to reach fires which remained within the building. A water relay was set up with a base pump from the A650 by the entrance to the Unit 41 Industrial Park.

This view taken from the main gates of the site shows a CARP and the buckled building behind. The incident was supported by crews attending from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, an appliance can be seen leaving the scene.

Crews remain on the scene damping down tonight with investigations once the site has been made safe. Police closed off the route through the Industrial estate but was reopened once the fire was under control.

The main building has been gutted by the fire

At it’s height, 15 pumps and two aerial appliances were in attendance at the incident along with support units.

Stations attending throughout the incident include: Rothwell, Wakefield, Hunslet, Garforth, Rawdon, Castleford, Bradford, Killingbeck, Moortown, Stanningley, Mirfield, Morley, Normanton, Leeds, Ossett, Dewsbury and Fairweather Green.

Three pumps from Normanton, Wakefield, Dewsbury plus one aerial appliance from Leeds are still at the scene damping down.

Some members of staff at the depot were treated for smoke inhalation but no one was seriously injured. Fire investigators are working alongside partners to establish the cause of a fire at Rathbones, Stephenson Way, Wakefield, and West Yorkshire Police said they do not believe that the fire was caused deliberately.

Latest!!! Lorries destroyed in fierce blaze at Northowram farm Industrial Site

Just before 11:45 hrs this morning fire crews attended the Industrial site on Bowl Shaw Lane, Northowram. This was just off the main A644 Brighouse Road, towards Queensbury. Initial crews from Odsal and Raistrick were met with a developing fire in an industrial unit containing a large number of heavy goods vehicles. 


The smoke could be seen for miles due to it's hilltop location. The strong winds in the area were also an issue. As the incident developed roads became gridlocked as people stopped to watch the smoke rising from the fire. Eventually road closures were set in place by the Police, resulting in the A644 being closed along with surrounding routes.

Lorries and tankers ablaze
The fire also set alight to vehicle outside the building which contained LPG gas cylinders, Acetylene and a diesel fuel tank. As the fire raged at Thorn Tree Farm constant explosions could be heard from the site. Water was a main issue and this incident was a MP x 12 for water relay. Some of the water was brought in from over 2 Kilometers away.

Dramatic scene as Fuel and other flammable liquids explode in the fire
There was one large explosion on the site sending a ball of flame 200 feet into the sky. In total between 40 and 50 vehicles had been involved. The Environment Agency was on site looking at the potential effects it could have on the surrounding countryside, as a lot of diesel, petrol and some solvents could be running off the site into the surrounding area and water supplies.

Once a good water supply was established the fire was surrounded with firefighters using 9 Large jets, 2 Ground monitors with Breathing apparatus for crews working in smoke areas. 

Fire crews are barely visible due to the smoke. Smoke which could be seen from miles away.

Appliances from Odsal, Rastrick,Shipley, Rawdon, Bingley, Illingworth, Bradford, Halifax, Cleckheaton, Huddersfield, Fairweather Green, Dewsbury, Stanningley + Hose layer, Pontefract + CU and Killingbeck attended along with other support crews and officers. 

Damping down will be going on all night to make sure that the site is safe and no fires flare up. Investigation work will be carried out to establish the cause of the fire.

Update 12:00 on July 4, 2016 from WYFRS
Fire crews remain at Bowl Shaw Lane, Northowram, this morning after a huge blaze broke out yesterday morning (Sunday, July 3).
Fire Control received a call at 11.41 am yesterday to the industrial site, where a farm house is also located.
At its height 12 fire engines attended to tackle the blaze which involved a workshop, measuring around 50m by 25m , and a large number of wagons, both inside the building and outside in the yard.
The fire also involved tyres, LPG cylinders, Acetylene and Diesel.
The blaze was under control by 6 pm and Fire Service attendance was scaled back to three engines at 7 pm and further to two at around midnight.
This morning one engine from Cleckheaton Fire Station remains to extinguish hotspots and assess the damage.
A Fire Service spokesperson said: “One man was treated for smoke inhalation but fortunately there were no serious injuries as a result of the fire.
“The fire has not affected the farm house, but sadly the majority of the workshop area has been severely damaged and we estimate that around 40 wagons have been destroyed by fire.”
Partners from across the blue light services, along with other agencies and volunteer organisations, aided in dealing with the incident and its aftermath.
A Fire Investigator has also attended and their investigations into the cause are ongoing today.

We expect that firefighters will leave the site at some point today.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Fire at the Pakistani Community Centre,Harehills, Leeds

Fire crews from the Leeds district have been dealing with a fire this evening at the Pakistani Community Centre on Conway Road, Ashton Road, Harehills. The building which was empty at the time was well alight when crews arrived on the scene.

                                      Video clip from the scene 

Conway road Harehills

Six pumps and the Aerial appliance from Leeds attended to control the blaze. Roads around the site were closed off and nearby residents gathered to watch. 

Conway road Harehills

Hand held jets and ground monitors were used along with a jet from the ALP. The building was enclosed inside a yard and posed no threat to those outside the fireground area.

Conway road Harehills

The fire was quickly brought under control and the adjoining building was mainly unaffected by the fire. Crews are now in the process of damping down and making the scene safe. Fire investigations will take place to establish the cause of the fire.

Conway road Harehills

Appliances from Leeds, Killingbeck, Hunslet, with supporting crews attended.

News from West Yorkshire Police : At 8:40pm today, police were contacted by the fire service who were attending a fire at the Pakistani Community Centre, in Conway Road, Harehills.

Officers attended to assist with road closures and to support firefighters who quickly brought the fire under control.

The centre was unoccupied at the time of the incident and no-one was injured. It was not necessary for nearby properties to be evacuated.

Chief Inspector Fran Naughton, of Leeds District, said: "We would like to reassure people that the situation is now under control and the fire service are damping down at the scene. The cause of the fire will be investigated by the fire service with the support of the police but it is too early to say whether the cause is suspicious.

"We are liaising with the centre's management and we will continue to do all we can to minimise any disruption to the local community."