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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Updated Major !!! Fire at Mirfield Garage, Huddersfield Road.

The fire was first reported just before 8:25 pm last night at the premises situated on the main Huddersfield road near the town. 

The fire initially involved a car and a caravan or motor home, this then spread to the canopy above the forecourt of which was previously a filling station. The fire spread to the main building which 
houses the premises shared by car dealerships, Mirfield Prestige and West Riding Jaguar, which has the basement area below.

The main Huddersfield Road was closed by the Police to enable fire appliances to get to the scene and tackle the fire. There were some explosions which are thought to have been LPG cylinders involved in the fire.

The incident was a MP x 9 Incident with appliances attending from as far away as Bradford Wakefield and Ossett. The incident was sectorised and crews used 7 Large jets, 3 Hosereel jets, 4 Breathing apparatus and a Aerial Ladder Platform monitor.

It took until about midnight to bring the fire under control.

Appliances from Mirfield, Rastrick, Dewsbury, Ossett, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Cleckheaton, Bradford, Fairweather Green, Odsal and Leeds attended.

Appliances used Huddersfield Road as a staging area and the Command Unit Lite from Fairweather Green can be seen in operation with appliances parked up along the roadway.

Relief crews from around the brigade area have spent the night and this morning damping down at the scene. The roads around the area of the fire have now reopened and fire investigations are continuing into the cause of the blaze

Friday, 19 August 2016

Update !! Hunter Group Waste fire, Huddersfield, will burn for days.

Fire crews will be remaining in attendance at the Hunter Group Waste site in Queens Mill Road for around one week following the fire which engulfed the site on Thursday evening (18/08/23016).

Crews from around Huddersfield were called to the site at around 17:45 hrs as a large plume of smoke was seen rising from the waste site. Hundreds of tonnes of waste plastic, household waste in the open along with an attached building were involved in the fire.

The smoke could be seen from as far away as Bradford as the blaze took hold. The first appliances from Huddersfield requested assistance and 5 pumps were sent to the incident. It soon became apparent that the water supplies from local hydrants were not able to cope with the demand leaving many homes in the area without supplies.

Crews surrounded the site, used defensive tactics, hand held jets , Ground monitors and an Aerial appliance to deal with the incident. 

Firefighters wore protective mast to protect them from the smoke which at times blotted out the evening sunshine.

Nearby firms around the Queens mill are were evacuated along with local resident being informed to keep doors and windows closed.

Special High Volume Pumps were brought in from Stanningley fire station so that water from the River Holme could be used.

The only way to fully extinguish the fire is to clear the site under controlled supervision. Fire crews have now been working with the Environment Agency and Kirklees Council to discuss what to do next.

Appliances from Huddersfield, Rastrick, Meltham, Slaithwaite, Fairweather Green, Stanningley with HVP's and support crews and officers.

Update 27/08/2016 15:00 Hrs.

An appliance still remains in attendance at the waste site 10 days after the fire. Just one crew with a charged line should it be required while excavators deal with the rubbish on the site, some of which is still smouldering.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Fire at Household Waste Incinerator Site in Dewsbury.

Fire crews from Dewsbury were the first to attend the incident at around 13:55 hours today (14/08/2016) at the Kirklees Waste Services, Weaving Lane, Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury

This is a Household Waste Incinerator Site, a single storey building measuring 40 m x 40 m involved in fire. Crews are using 2 Ground monitors and 4 Large jets. This is a MP x 10 and 2 aerial appliances, they are in attendance along with supporting appliances from throughout the brigade area, approximately 60 firefighters in total. Officers and crews brought this major fire under control but crews will need to remain in attendance throughout the night damping down 

Firefighters battled to prevent fire spreading from the storage site to offices and nearby buildings whilst site staff provided valuable support.

Below are some Aerial images from the scene.  Strict copyright G. Tyler and all images must not be reproduced in any way.

More Information when available...........................

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Latest !! Bradford Clutch Centre destroyed in overnight Fire

Parts of a building on Handel Street in Listerhills, Bradford were badly affected by fire, with crews remaining at the scene overnight damping down. 
The fire at Bradford Clutch Centre on Handel Street was well alight when crews arrived shortly after 9 pm Saturday night (06/08/2016).

Norcroft Street side of the fire looking from Listerhills Road
The building was at the junction with Norcroft Street which runs between Listerhills road and Thornton Road in the city. Jets were swiftly used to attack the fire which by this time had flames shooting through the roof. The incident was a MP x 8 with appliances attending from around the brigade the area.

Norcroft Street side of the building 1 Large jet in use
A Hose Layer was brought in from Stanningley to secure water supplies to the fireground. 

Roof of the building well alight
At one stage it became a persons reported incident but this was withdrawn as the person was soon located safe and well.

Fire crews tackle the fire on Handel street side of the Incident
Crews were able to access the building to enable an internal attack on the fire, but the large shutter door wouldn't open and the Technical Rescue Unit from Cleckheaton attended to cut the door open with cutting equipment.

Heavy smoke from the roof of the property on Handel Street. 
Other hazards on the multi occupancy site were possible Asbestos risk, Acetylene cylinders and Oil storage. There were a few explosions which could be heard from within the building.
Both Thornton Road and Listerhills Road were both closed for a time but have since re-opened with just local roads around the incident remaining with restrictions. A structural engineer from Bradford council will attend and assess the damaged building.

Appliances attended from Fairweather Green (1 and CU), Bradford (1 and CARP), Odsal (1), Shipley (1), Idle (1), Cleckheaton (1), Stanningley (1 and Hoselayer), Hunslet (1) and Dewsbury (1). On call officers also attended.

The building is reported to have contained cars ready for work to be carried out on, all of which have been destroyed. Fire investigations are now underway to establish the cause of the fire. The call was rung in by a passer by who saw smoke and flames.

Command Unit Lite in operation in Handel Street